Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Practice Makes Perfect

The past week was exhausting for us Bostonians.  While we still have those who are suffering in our minds, we are happy for a new week and are hopeful for the healing to begin.  The BMQG hopes to help by doing what we do best -- making quilts!  Please visit the BMQG's blog to see how you can help, too.  Thank you!

On the WIP front, the hexy columns are all sewn and now it's time to sew them together.  I have been worried about how they might come out.  DH suggested I cut some hexies out of muslin and sew them up.  When hubby tells you you should practice with muslin, then clearly that is what you need to do!

I made two sets of muslin hexagons.  In Jackie's method, which I learned from her class at QuiltCon, seams are sewn based on the previously sewn seams.  The first set didn't come out as well because I used white thread.  The second set came out much better because I used black thread and I could actually see the seams and make sure I didn't oversew them.

In class, Jackie said you'll always need to work with the hexies a bit to flatten them out and they will look much better after pressing and quilting.  I am wondering what to do when I sew the quilt, because I do want to use a thread that matches, but I want to be able to see the seams!  Am thinking of using a grey thread I have in my stash.

This the front side of the muslin hexies after pressing:

This is the back side:

This will be a busy week of sewing together those Pearl Bracelet hexagons!

In other news, the BMQG had our April meeting on Saturday.  I finally received my pincushion from the QuiltCon Pincushion Swap!  I love it!  It is a wristlet and it's absolutely perfect!  Natalie from FryBread Quilts made it.  I love her style.  Thanks, Natalie!

Take a look what everyone else is doing in this week's WIP Wednesday post at Freshly Pieced.


alidiza said...

Good luck with those fabulous hexies!!! I found once you get in a rhythm you can tell where your seams are going to be and stop. It's going to be a fabulous finish:-)

Alcea Rosea 31 said...

I only tried to machine piece hexagons once, a long time ago. Now I hand sew small hexagons instead. I love your cute pincushion. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished hexagons.


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