Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baby Quilt Complete

** I would like to start off by asking that anyone reading this please say prayers for all those affected by the explosions during the Boston Marathon. **

I spent half my weekend emptying out the basement and relocating my sewing nook.  We then found out that the workers need to get into the room that I put everything in.  The room was so packed that they couldn't get to the closet they need.  Great.  We need to reschedule.  And clearly, I need to purge.

I am happy to say I finished the baby quilt.  It was pretty easy, but sewing the ties was a bear -- 101 in all.  I want to be sure the quilt lasts through several washings.  (The first one I made in 2008 belongs to Jordan and it's still his favorite. I reviewed the pattern here.)  I groaned throughout the entire process but I'm very happy with it.  I will give it to my coworker after I share it at the next BMQG meeting. :)  If you like the fabric, check out my Spoonflower shop!

It feels great to get something done, right?  I have many more projects on deck.  The next one being my Pearl Bracelet hexagon project.  DH made my design board this weekend.  I am so happy to have it.  After looking at what I had already sewn on the board, I realized I need to take about half of the hexagons apart.  Ugh.  As I say, when sewing, you have to be willing to take it out.  On the upside, I already feel the creative juices flowing for other projects.

Take a look what everyone else is doing in this week's WIP Wednesday post at Freshly Pieced.

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alidiza said...

Adorable, what a special gift!!! Call me when you're ready to purge. I'd be more than happy to help:-)


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