Saturday, April 27, 2013

Baby Needs a Brand New Bag

So, I had this crazy idea to make a gift bag to go along with the baby quilt.  I had some gift wrap made from the same print that I used for the baby quilt (both the fabric and the gift wrap are from Spoonflower), so why not?

I thought it would be quite an easy thing, but I had a few challenges.  The primary one was that the gift wrap is quite thick and not easily pliable.  These are the same characteristics which make it perfect for gift bags, by the way.  It comes in large 36" rolls.

Sea Baby Blocks gift wrap

I took apart my coveted Uniqlo Hello Kitty shopping bag to see how to construct my own bag and used my Martha Stewart scoring board and bone folder to score all the folds.  The scoring board wasn't quite big enough for the size of the bag.  (It's 12"x12" and is meant for greeting cards and envelopes.)  Making a gift bag also requires making diagonal scores.  These did not come out as nicely as I wanted, but I made do.  I couldn't bring myself to look for my compass and protractor since that room I need to clean out is still in need of attention.

Poor little Hello Kitty bag!

I also made a prototype bag.  I wanted to practice since I knew I was making only one out of my precious gift wrap!  DH got a real kick out of this bag!  I made it out of some packing paper that came in a box with some fabric from Fat Quarter Shop.  (I love how they package up their fabric.)

My prototype

DH laughs at me for saving shopping bags.  I can't help it.  I love shopping bags and handbags!  I am certainly happy I had a bag from Nordie's because I used the bottom insert from it to put in my bag.  I used twill ribbon handles from my Rugby (Ralph Lauren) bag.  I am now justified -- it makes sense to save shopping bags!

I decided not to use the size of my Hello Kitty bag -- I used my Orla Kiely bag for size instead.  This is a super cute bag.  DH tried to put it in recycling!  No way!

This Orla Kiely bag had the perfect measurements

OK, so after all that, here is the bag.  The baby quilt fit perfectly!  What do you think?  It is certainly rough around the edges, but I love it.  I feel as though I should make another just so I don't forget all the steps.  It would make a great tute, no?

The bag in all its glory

Perfect fit!


alidiza said...

This is awesome!!! What attention to detail:-)

Shannon Mower said...

What a great idea!

Tina Craig said...

That's really clever and so awesome that the print matches the quilt.

Diane said...

I love it! And recycling gorgeous bags?? I think not. Silly DH. :)


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