Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Curtain Progress

The curtains are coming along!  In last week's post I showed the valance. This week I have half of the curtain. Not all the grommets are in but you get the idea.

The grommets can be a little prickly. Sometimes they just don't want to snap closed! Often it's because I need to make the hole a little bit bigger.  Sometimes my hand was just tired.  I really wanted to cut into my main fabric but the grommet practice was definitely worth it!  I also fused some light interfacing across the top to give the grommet area some stability.

You can see the lining peeking out from the bottom.  I need to trim and hem of course but I'll sew the valance and the other panel first. I didn't put a lining in the previous set of curtains I made so I'm happy to have it this time. It really finishes them off and looks nice from the outside. I used white muslin for the lining. I tried the regular muslin at first but it gave the Unikko poppies a yellow tinge and we can't have that!

Next up, chair covers and a tablecloth or runner. I might do some quilting first though!

Sew what else is going on this WIP Wednesday?

1 comment:

Sfredette said...

So cute! And though I love yellow, you're right, if the poppies were yellow tinged it would be too much. :D


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