Friday, May 8, 2009

Better Pic of the BBCQ and a Blurb

I thought I'd share the blurb I wrote for the BBCQ for the arts and crafts show at work and a better picture. Oh, and the blocks on the table were blocks that didn't come out right. I put them on the table so people could take a look at the seams without actually touching the quilt. Of course, that did not stop them!


This quilt, my Bento Box Christmas Quilt, is a work-in-progress. The Bento Box pattern, created by Tracey Brookshier, is one of the most popular quilt patterns ever designed. It's a simple pattern that allows the quilter's imagination to run wild using an infinite number of color combinations. The original pattern design is made of blocks that look like checkerboards, as in the corner blocks of my quilt. I put my own twist on the pattern by changing the inside blocks to look like reflections instead of checkerboards. The middle block is made up of each of the eight fabrics used in the quilt.

The piecing, which was done by machine, is complete. However, I am still working on the quilting, which is sewing the front, batting and back of the quilt together. I plan to hand-tie the quilt using a knotting technique.

I created the accompanying image using a computer program called Electric Quilt. I scanned the fabrics into my computer and using Electric Quilt, I drew the quilt pattern and then "painted" the pieces using my scanned fabric swatches. I saved lots of time by using Electric Quilt before cutting a single piece of fabric.

I am not including a larger picture of the display board, because it shows how I put the quilt together. I'm sure Ms. Brookshier would not approve of my putting her pattern out on the internet!

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nasty_wench, AKA sharon-lizette said...

All can say is that when you finally finish that quilt I'm driving down to Boston with a bottle of champagne! LOL.



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