Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Project Runway Experience, Part Deux

I happened to sit next to another PR fan, Marcia, who won a ticket. Marcia is a seamstress who makes doll clothes. We were looking around for former PR contestants. Marcia saw Chris March from Season 4 and said, "Oh, he's my favorite!" She wanted to get a picture, but was shy to ask. I said, "Let's go!" LOL. So unlike me. We went down and took pictures with Chris! I don't have the picture, though. I'm waiting for Marcia to send me that one.

After the show ended, I walked around and met some of the designers. I wasn't as bold when it came to asking for pictures for myself! However, I was able to get pictures with Malan and Jerrell. Malan is the sweetest person and he has the nice, deep voice and sinister laugh! He kept me smiling the entire time. I said hi to Jerrell and gave him a big hug. LOL. He is tall and gorgeous! How strange it must be to have complete strangers know who you are. He was a good sport. I also spoke with Korto and Jay. I asked Jay if he remembered who I was. He looked at me like, "Who _are_ you?" LOL. I said, "I know, that's a terrible thing to ask." I was kidding, really. I reminded him that we met in Houston. He said, "Oh yeah, you interviewed me for BPR." Yeah! He remembered me and BPR!

Laura K invited me to have brunch at the Roosevelt Hotel. Well, was I going to say "no" to that? Uh, no! A bunch of us went over. Marcia went along and I also met other fans, Lynn "Miss Penn" out of Pennsylvania and Trish "Jersey Girl". We all shared a table. The brunch at the Roosevelt was delicious, in case you're wondering. I recommend it!

The brunch turned out to be a Season 5 reunion of sorts (again, due to the legal issues, the Season 5 designers did not get the usual reunion show). Joe was there along with Stella and Blayne-licious, Kelli, Jennifer, Daniel Feld, Wesley, and Leanne, Project Runway 5 winner!! Surprisingly, I didn't hear Blaine say "licious" the entire time. :)

I met Stella, who is a riot. She is gorgeous and naturally funny and can work a high, high heel! I was telling Kaitlin whenever I say "leather" or "weather" I say it the way Stella does! Jerrell and Kenley were so gracious and funny. Jerrell and Kenley have really distinct voices, so I marveled at hearing them. It was so weird to hear voices that I heard on TV in real life! Kenley is lovely and I loved her personality. She was the one you loved to hate during the season, but I have a new respect for her. Jerrell is so funny and a sharp wit. I can see that they all were chosen for their personalities as well as their talent!

I got a chance to talk more with TBone and The Scarlett, Laura K and her daughter Kaitlin, and John C, who is from Houston. I asked John if he'd heard of the International Quilt Festival in Houston. Of course he had, since he lives near the George R. Brown Convention Center where it's held. Shout out to you John C! I will look you up if I make it to Houston again in October! As it turns out, John C and I are "neighbors," since his family is originally from the Boston area. :)

Afterward, Marcia, Lynn and I headed off to Mood Fabrics. It was apropos, considering the reason we were in New York that day! We met Marcia's husband, who is quite supportive of her craft. He even found a trim for her that would look like a metalllic belt for a doll. After Mood, we went our separate ways.

Tavern on the Green in my next post!!


John said...

Hey Tina!!! Thanks for the shout-out. It was so great to meet you! Please do look me up if you're back in H-town.

Diane said...

Sigh... Another fabulous chapter from your whirlwind PR adventure! :)


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