Monday, February 23, 2009

New York City... Bryant Park... Project Runway!

Firstly, I must thank the Blogging Project Runway gang, Laura K, Scarlett and T-Bone! These three are the very kind, generous and dedicated folks who keep us informed on all things Project Runway. I met them for the first time and they made me feel as though we'd been friends forever. They are the best!

I got to the tents around 8 am. It was freezing out and they were not yet letting anyone in. I grabbed a tea at Cafe Duke and waited a few minutes. When I went back, the steps to the tent were crowded with people. I scanned the crowd and saw Korto and Jerrell from Season 5 and Carmen and Chris from Season 4! I was surprised to see them outside with the rest of us!

Laura K and I spoke via cell phone and found each other inside the tent. Laura is so sweet and really takes care of people. All I had to do was follow her and I didn't have to wait in line! We got in the tent and waited to go in. While we waited, I met Laura's daughter, Kaitlin, and Scarlett. Laura was on her phone, now and then, making sure people had their tickets.

I had been in the tents a couple of times before (to see Peter Som, Zac Posen and Carmen Marc Valvo) but this was my first time seeing Project Runway! I was so excited to see other former contestants. I saw also saw Jack and Blayne from Season 5, Kara from Season 2, and of course, Jay McCarroll. my old friend from Season 1. I was hoping to meet Nick Verreos from Season 2, but he was in LA to cover the Oscars! Oh well, maybe next time!

I was sitting in the last row, but I was in the closest section to the stage. Also, I was sitting opposite of Heidi, Michael, and Nina! Michael and Nina looked pretty much the same in person. Heidi, however, looks much taller and thinner in person than she does on TV. I hope that's good news, Heidi!

Those of us who were lucky enough to get tickets were a bit starstruck. Well, why not? We were in the midst of Project Runway royalty! I was really excited to be there and to see the show.

You might recall that PR Season 6 has not aired because of legal battles, so it's amazing that so many people are still interested. If you've seen PR at all, then you know what to expect at a finale show. You see fashions from the designers, and perhaps some decoy collections as well. Things were different this time. Because no episodes have aired, we did get to see collections, but we did not get to see the designers! Also, since no one has seen any episodes, there was no need for decoy collections.

Heidi spoke to the crowd a bit and lamented that the designers would not be recognized. As usual, she started it all off with her familiar, "Let's start the show." The best thing about the first collection, in my opinion, were the hairstyles. The hair was in a messy 60s ponytail with wide black headbands. If you cannot wait for TV (or radio, as Harvey Weinstein joked with Ryan Seacrest), take a look at them here.

The second collection, in my opinion, seemed wearable -- things that I might actually buy. There were some drapey numbers, reminiscent of Rami Kashou, Season 4 finalist. Take a look here. If I'm not mistaken, this was the designer who used the same background music that is used during the PR episodes!

The third collection, appeared to be the best one, but I wouldn't call it wearable. At least not for me. I felt it had a Mad Max vibe, but it had the most detailed workmanship of all three. I thought the final look was amazing. You can see the collection here. Links to collections courtesy of BPR!

It is too bad that these designers were not recognized, after all the work they put in. They did get to show at Bryant Park, as promised, but no one got to see who they were! I am hopeful that all will be settled and the show will go on.
There is more to tell... brunch at The Roosevelt and Tavern on the Green!


Diane said...

What a chic adventure! Looking forward to Chapter two... :)

Laura K said...

It was a pleasure to finally meet you in person! What an adventure we had.

Tbone said...

Wait, we have been friends forever. Haven't we?

nasty_wench, AKA sharon-lizette said...

Tina. I think you should change the name of your blog to "The Adventures of The BostonSewer". You have the neatest episodes in your life!

The Scarlett said...

Hi Tina! It was most certainly a pleasure to meet you. It really did feel like we had known each other forever; I'm thrilled that you had fun and I'm looking forward to your next installment.


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