Wednesday, May 22, 2013

WIP Wednesday: A Break in the Hexy Action

I took a break in the "hexy" action to make blocks for "Quilts for Boston" and flags for "To Boston with Love".

After fighting with lovingly sewing hexagons for quite a while now, I really wanted to sew easy items. No curves or triangles or funny stuff for me this time round!  I decided to use my Pearl Bracelet fabric and some white on white bullseye fabric from Timeless Treasures left over from the hexy project. This fabric was already washed and pressed so I saved myself some time.  (By the way I bought that bullseye fabric before the pearl Bracelet Bright Star was available. Now thankfully I can use Bright Star for my hexy quilt. )

For the blocks I made 4 Bento Box blocks from Terry Brookshier's classic pattern.  Simple cutting and straight lines! It felt good to sew rectangles again!  

For the flags I decided to create peace hexies once I saw this post. Although the pattern is easy I needed it to be easier :) so I decided to use some leftover hexies and appliqué them on.

We had our Boston Modern Quilt Guild meeting last weekend. Generous souls from all over the world have sent hundreds of blocks in. Several members took blocks to make them into quilts.  There was a sew-in at gather here a couple of weeks ago so if you'd like to see some of the quilts click here.

If you are in Boston Memorial Day weekend, you can see the flags at the Museum of Fine Arts!  How cool is that??  Details here.


alidiza said...

I LOVE your hexies for peace!!! I can't wait to get over to the MFA to see all the flags together:-)

Amy Friend said...

It was nice to see you yesterday!


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