Thursday, December 13, 2012

First Gift Wrapped!

I have been crazy busy prepping for Christmas!  I have a video to upload, but there seems to be a problem with Blogger and videos, so we'll have to wait that is resolved.

I do have my first gift wrapped in my very own gift wrap that I designed and printed via Spoonflower.  Way cool!  I can't say how much I love Spoonflower!

The items in my store look great as gift wrap.  Most of them are large-scale prints.  I have created smaller-scale prints and am waiting to get those back.

Currently, there is one smaller-scale print in my shop.  This is a picture of the first gift I wrapped with it.

If you like this paper, you can order it from Spoonflower! :)

bulbwave royal small

See everything in my shop here:

Tina's Spoonflower Shop

1 comment:

Tasha said...

I sure hope that's my gift!!! LOL


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