Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween 2012 in Beacon Hill

1. Window Display, 2. Street Party!, 3. Backlit scaffolding of a townhome under construction, 4. Ghosts flying 20 ft in the air!, 5-8. Jack-o-lanterns

Every year, Beacon Hill is one big neighborhood party on Halloween!  DH and I went down to enjoy the festivities.  The owners of the fabulously appointed townhomes hand out candy (and sometimes libations) to all passers-by.  They are often as dressed up as the revelers!  The townhomes are also elaborately decorated.

Ground Zero for Beacon Hill Halloween for me is the courtyard on Chestnut Street.  They always have a fabulous display and this year they suspended ghosts at least 20 feet in the air as seen in picture #4.  In picture #3, one of the townhomes is under construction.  That did not stop the owners, as they backlit the tarp covering the scaffolding and added the witch stirring up a cauldron of trouble along with her cat and bats!  That display is 30-40 feet high.  Amazing!

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