Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Pantone Christmas

There are so many things I'd like to do to commemorate Christmas, but I simply don't have time to do it all! However, I have started on my Christmas cards! I saw a box of 100 Pantone post cards in a gift shop on the Cape this summer. I knew they were a score, but I didn't have any idea about what I'd do with them. Then, one day inspiration hit, and I decided to use them to make my Christmas cards!

I decided to cut out Christmasy shapes with my Cricut and glue them on to the Pantone cards. I picked out the cards with traditional Christmasy colors like red and green. I pasted red, green, silver and gold metallic pointsettias on them. I also picked out the blues and greys for a wintry theme. I pasted silvery snowflakes on those. I really don't like pink in my Christmas colors, but I decided they would work if I pasted shapes cut out of green glitter paper on them. I am also using light green pantone cards with pink glitter paper shapes. I'm sending them in Paper Source's luxe cream envelopes.

Now, designing folks like you and me know what Pantone is, but not everyone does! I'm not sure everyone I send the card to will "get it," but everyone I know does have internet access, so hopefully they will Google Pantone!

By the way, there is one person who loves orange who is getting a unique card!

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alison abbott said...

Tina-are you still interested in getting together for BYW Boston? Would next monday 12/12 work for you, just trying to get a head count. Can you send your reply to with your email.


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