Thursday, April 15, 2010

Meeting Tim Gunn

This evening, Bostonians were treated to the fabulous Tim Gunn! When my friend, Susan, and I arrived, the small Kate Spade store on trendy Newbury Street was already packed with eager Tim Gunn followers. When I called the store last week to get information on the event, I was told that those who made a minimum purchase would be invited to take a picture with Tim. So, once I got there, I pressed my way through to the rear of the store, looking at clothing or accessories I might want to purchase, because I was determined to GET MY PICTURE!

Susan and I were maneuvering the sea of Tim fans, employees, merchandise and trays of champagne and hors d'oeuvres to get back to the front of the store. I noticed that people had formed a semi-circle in the middle of the store. I stopped, because I figured Tim would make his presentation there. I was right! I happened to stop at the top of the stairs (the Jack Spade store is downstairs) and Tim came up the stairs right where I was standing! He walked in and said, "Hi Everybody!" He said to me, "How are you!" and patted me on my arm! LOL.

Tim and his associate from Liz Claiborne introduced themselves and explained how the evening would play out. Some Kate Spade outfits would be modeled and Tim would take questions in between changes. There would be time for a few more questions after the modeling and then there would be time for shopping and picture taking!

The model, Adair (love that name!), presented four looks. In the first lesson, we were presented with ways to dress up a casual look for work. Adair wore jeans, flats, a t-shirt and a statement necklace along with a wicker bag. To dress up the look, Adair put on a short jacket. Tres chic! Kate Spade has a lot of what they are calling "shine" for spring. I believe the kids are still calling it "bling". Tim assured us that even though we are wearing a "shine-y" statement necklace and shoes, it is OK to put on a fun cocktail ring. And that ring was nothing but bling! Tim also advised that if you wear denim to work, make sure it's a dark wash.

In the next lesson, Adair came out wearing a halter dress. The halter dress was two-toned (silvery gray on top and a muted orange on bottom with a pink bow) and looked like a skirt and top even though it was a single piece. I loved that its top had three buttons in the back. Tim stated that skirts 2" above the knee and shorter are only for those who are 27 and younger! Well! Oh, the passage of time can be so unfair. He did say that dress lengths should not hit below the knee, regardless of age. Thankfully, the dress I wore was at the right length!

The color yellow was featured in the following lesson. Adair wore a cute sleeveless top with yellow and white stripes with white shorts. The yellow stripes were ombre, as Tim pointed out. Good thing, because most may not have noticed that otherwise. It was paired with white shorts and a yellow cardigan. I loved the shorts. They were made of a horizontal, textured fabric. They were a little short for my taste, though.

The final look featured a garden theme that is a big part of Kate Spade this season. Adair wore a classic shift decorated with a large purple, yellow and green floral print on white with a yellow cardigan. The cardigan was worn open, belted with the thin belt that belonged to the dress and was patterned as the dress was.

All in all, Kate is presenting white with bright colors and lots of bling for spring.

I have never seen someone so comfortable in front of a room of people he'd never met before. That is one of the things I really like about Tim. He just makes you feel comfortable and he talks with you as though he's known you forever. A woman who'd recently had a baby asked about how she should dress during her transition phase. Women are so comfortable with him! LOL! Tim told her that she wanted to make sure she was comfortable and that she should wear light tops and dark bottoms.

When Adair came out with the yellow cardigan, many people cringed, because yellow is one color that not everyone can wear. Tim assured us that just about anyone could wear this shade of yellow (because it does not go green) and proceeded to try it on the shoulders of different women in the audience to prove his point. As he said, "I am not a fashion Svengali, I am a fashion therapist." Yes, he is! He also pointed out that to his mantra of fit, proportion and silhouette, he is adding coloring and pattern. One must consider her coloring and the patterns she wears when putting together an outfit. And on the subject of pattern, Tim suggests that one can mix patterns as long as the scales are different.

I finally raised my hand to ask a question. LK told me to be sure to state my name and that I was reporting for Blogging Project Runway. Well, I did as I was told. I said, "Hi, my name is Tina..." Tim said, "Oh, Tina! Laura told me you'd be here! It's great to meet you." LOL! Well, I was surprised by that! Tim Gunn already knew who I was! Good thing I hadn't had any of that champagne, or else I probably would have fallen over! He also said, "I thought it was you because you look exactly as Laura described you!" LOL, I'm sure he meant that in a good way!

I asked Tim about how he made his transition from Parsons to Liz Claiborne. Tim said that the then new CEO of Liz Claiborne came to visit him. Tim thought it was a routine visit but quickly found out that he was being recruited! The people at Liz Claiborne liked the changes he made at Parsons (though apparently they weren't well-received by everyone in the fashion community and some people were calling for his resignation). Can you believe Tim is coming up on his three-year anniversary at Liz Claiborne? My, how time flies! The next time I meet Tim, I would love to ask him about the changes he made at Parsons.

Someone asked if the television show "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style" will be returning. According to Tim, no, because it was a Bravo show and the people at Lifetime do not have an interesting in reviving it. Too bad! Hopefully, it will come out on DVD at some point. He did say he is now the stylist for Dr. Oz and that he loves that show. He has also done some styling on "Oprah." He told a story in which he was asked to style women without meeting them. He didn't like that idea! He had to meet them first. I liked that in "Guide to Style," Tim really wanted to understand a person's life and lifestyle. He'd never make anyone into someone they weren't. As he said, "You will look good no matter what you wear, as long as you are comfortable."

Well, the night was not yet over. I had to make my purchase and get my picture! I liked the bag that Adair modeled in her first outfit, so I bought that. When I went up to take my picture with Tim, he stated again that he was happy to meet me! He asked me how I knew Laura, and I told him through Blogging Project Runway. He said, "That's how I met her, too!" I also told him about how I won tickets to the Season 6 finale through the blog. Of course, I was a little nervous and couldn't remember which season it was. I had to say, "The one with Carol Hannah." LOL. I told him that we have the same initials, and that our last names both end in double N. He remarked, "We are kindred spirits!" Oh yes, we are! I also told him that I was at Martha's sewing show when he was a guest. LOL. (If it's not Project Runway I'm talking about, then it's Martha!) He remembered that Martha did very well in his draping lesson. (Of course she did!) I had to move along, because the next person was waiting to take her picture with Tim.

I had to just sit back and smile on my way home. I'd been waiting to meet Tim for so long. And when I finally did, he already knew who I was! Thank you, Laura! You and Tim really made my evening!

Well! I certainly have had enough excitement in the last couple of weeks. I am going to try and keep a low profile until my next trip to NYC in May. Stay tuned!


iJoe said...

Very cool!

Laura K said...
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Laura K said...

Thanks for the great report Tina. Adair is lovely - she was in Scottsdale too!

Beth M said...

So do we get to see the photo of you and the marvelous Tim Gunn??? I'm a huge fan of both of you!!!

Berns said...

Post a pic of the bag! So cool you got to meet Tim. I want him to style me!!

sheree said...

How fun!!! I miss Newbury street (I lived in Cambridge for 5 years while attending MIT and loved walking over the bridge and hanging out on Newbury Street!).

I love Tim Gunn and Project favorite winner is Chloe of Lot8 boutique here in Houston!



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