Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Easy Striped Table Runner

Even though the blogposts have been few and far between, I have squeezed in some sewing projects here and there. I made a super EASY striped table runner using this pattern: Easy Stripe Table Runner. I got the fabric, pattern and the triangle template at one of my favorite quilt shops, Red Barn Sewing and Yarn Center. In the mosaic, there is a close-up of one of the ends, the top side, and the bottom side.

We met family at one of our favorite restaurants, Simon Pearce, in Quechee, VT. If you haven't been there, you should go! Simon Pearce also makes blown glassware. You can see the glassblowers at work in the basement.

We met for lunch and then took over the lobby as we exchanged Christmas gifts (I made the runner as a gift). Yeah, we were pretty obnoxious. Thankfully, the lunch crowd had gone and the dinner crowd had not yet arrived. Yes, I put the table runner on the table in the lobby at Simon Pearce to take a picture!!


Diane said...

Gorgeous! What a lovely gift. It must have been hard not to keep it for yourself. ;) Next time I drive up to my dad's, I'll try to remember to schedule in some extra time to stop in Quechee on my way home. Sounds like I could get in a lot of trouble there. :P

CrimsonBruin said...

Thanks! SP is definitely worth a stop for eats and shopping. Oh and don't forget to visit the glassblowers! Make sure you head upstairs to the seconds! :)


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