Sunday, November 9, 2008

Guarding Jane Sassaman's Quilt

Quilt Market was full of fun and funny incidents, as you've read. Another funny incident occurred when I was working as a quilt guardian. Little did I know what I was in for when I selected to guard the art quilts. This set of quilts was particulary hard to guard because they were not to be photgraphed! Naturally, I didn't find out about this until I reached the area. The area wasn't too big, but for one person, it was a challenge. It was a mini-maze of sorts, with pictures on the outside and inside. If I was telling someone outside that they couldn't take pictures, there could very well be someone inside that I wouldn't catch! After being there awhile, I was told that I had to ask people to delete pictures if they took any. The things we do to be part of Market!

Thankfully, most people were cooperative. There were a few who were taking pictures when they knew they shouldn't have. Shame on you! :) There was a reporter with a camera man in the area. I watched them start setting up near the art quilts. I was thinking to myself, "Are they serious? They are going to start filming right here?" LOL. This was even more surprising, because these people appeared to be working for the show! So, I had to go up and tell them that they couldn't film in the area. Whew!

I went back to the inside of the maze to find another gentleman about to take a picture of one of Jane Sassaman's quilts. I went up to him and told him the quilts were not to be photographed, and that he'd have to delete any pictures he took. (Wow, how did I get so assertive?) He told me it was his wife's quilt! LOL. He deleted the picture, though. We had a friendly chat. I told him that I love his wife's work -- which was true! Sunday, during my travels through Market, I happened upon Mr. Sassaman in a booth -- his wife's. He said to Jane, "Hey, there's the lady who made me delete my picture of your quilt!" Gee, thanks. What a nice way to meet Jane. Oh well. Maybe we'll meet under better circumstances in the future. Be sure to check out Jane's website. You'll see why I like her work so much!

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