Friday, September 5, 2008

Farewell, Fabric Place :(

Anyone who reads this blog knows how much I shop at Fabric Place! Well, they are going out of business in a few months. Waaaah! Careful when you click on that link, by the way. You get the horrible flyer I got in the mail the other day... the death knell of Fabric Place.

I loved having a place near me where I could browse, look for something specific or dash out at 9pm for the last minute item needed to finish a project. Oh, I am so sad. I knew something was up when I got a yellow one-color flyer instead of a glossy mini-catalog for July and August.

Emmett McCarthy, of Project Runway season 2, was supposed to be featured at an event at the Framingham store in October. I suppose that's no longer on.

There are probably more articles out there on the demise of Fabric Place, but I found this one: Fabric Place is closing

Hopefully, one of the local quilt shops will take up the slack. I will be compiling a list of fabric shops in the Boston area and posting it soon.

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