Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent

When I travel to a city, I like to go to at least one museum. When I'm in Montreal, I always check out the Musee des Beaux-Arts de Montreal. Luckily, this visit to Montreal, we were able to see the Yves Saint Laurent exhibit. If you visit Montreal before the end of September, be sure to check out the exhibit. I mostly knew of Yves Saint Laurent from YSL perfume fame. I didn't really know of his work as a designer. He designed the trapeze dress. It seems so simple now, but to the "nipped in" waist of the 1950s, it was genius! He was also the first to dress women in tuxedos. He designed women's suits based on men's styles -- he was influenced by Marlene Dietrich for that. He took inspiration from many different countries, including Spain, Russia, India, and China. His fashions were also inspired by the continent of Africa. YSL was also the first designer to use black models in his shows. And who can forget the famous Mondrian dress?

He retired in 2002 and passed away this past June. I'm thankful that this exhibit was created. I now know there was more to YSL than perfume!

The exhibit will be featured at the de Young museum in San Francisco from November 2008 - March 2009. If you can't make it to Montreal, hopefully, you can see the exhibit in San Francisco.


nasty_wench, AKA sharon-lizette said...

The exhibit sounds really cool. I wish I could've seen it.

Come on... post your photos, I'm totally chomping at the bit here.


CrimsonBruin said...

Sorry about that. I haven't had a moment's rest since we got back. Hopefully, I can post pictures this weekend!


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