Saturday, March 15, 2008

Quilt for a Cure

Today I participated in "Quilt for a Cure," sponsored by Fabric Place. Each year, Fabric Place sponsors this event in which sewers volunteer to put together a quilt. The quilt is later raffled off and the funds go to supporting breast cancer research. They usually have us make blocks for two quilts, but this year, we made one quilt and tote bags with matching pillows for chemotherapy patients to use when they go on their appointments. I think that was a great and thoughtful idea. What's even better, is that they can be used right away. The quilt tops are finished the same day, but getting them quilted takes awhile.

This was my 5th year participating. Attending this event in 2004 is what got my quilting juices jumpstarted. I had always wanted to quilt, but just hadn't done it. I'd been sewing off and on for years, but this event got me back on track. Thanks, Fabric Place!

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