Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tea Towels

Tea towels have been on my todo list for quite awhile.  I finally got them done for a Christmas gift.  I have made my own in the past, but this blog post from knotty bits explains how to make them using toweling from gather here.  The great thing about the toweling is that they are about 17" wide and the side seams are already sewn.  All you have to do is embellish and hem!  I used the white toweling while beige was used in the tutorial.  gather here has both.

I used Alexander Henry Christmas fabric I purchased years ago from the old Fabric Place in Woburn.  Can you believe how cute this print is?  Only four rows are shown, but other rows feature dogs, trees and downhill skiers.

The hardest part was the corners of the hem.  I couldn't get them as neat as I wanted!  I will have to practice on that!

1 comment:

alidiza said...

These are so cute!!! What a great gift idea for when you need something quick and easy:-)


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