Wednesday, March 18, 2009

If only everything in life were so easy...

Did you get the clues I left in the last post? I met Anita Bradshaw at Quilt Market in October! Yes, there is another Quilt Market adventure that I didn't mention.

You might recall that I worked during Quilt Market. Well, since I was from out of town, my boss, Terri, found me a roommate. It turns out that I was assigned Deborah. If you have ever met anyone from Houston, you might know that their kindess spreads as far as the state of Texas! I met so many nice people there. Terri and Deborah were just two of them.

Deborah and I became fast friends. She took me under her wing and showed me the ropes when I needed showin'! A friend of Deborah's, Connie, was opening up a new fabric store in Houston, so she was at Market to buy supplies for her store. As it turned out, Connie was invited to a party given by Moda, the very large fabric manufacturer. In turn, they invited me! Deborah, her friend Connie, and Connie's sisters and I headed down to the grand ballroom, fashionably late, of course. I didn't know what to expect. I thought it might be an intimate gathering where we'd get to meet some representatives from Moda.

The ballroom was enormous. There were hundreds of people seated and eating dinner. I believe the entrees were chicken or fish. That really didn't matter, since there were no more tables. So, we were standing around kicking ourselves for taking our time getting to the ballroom. Before we knew it, the waiters rolled in big, round tables and set them with tablecloths and dishes. Voila! If only everything in life were so easy. Apparently they ran out of the chicken/fish and we ended up with filet mignon! I should have closed my eyes and asked for a waterfront condo!

We sat down and during dinner began chatting with two ladies, Anita Bradshaw of Another by Anita and Dianne Springer of Quilt in a Cup. They were two of the nicest, most talented and creative ladies. The following day at Market, I bought a few of Anita's patterns and one of Dianne's Quilt in a Mousepad designs. As if I didn't need more projects to work on... So, I am happy to share with Cathy!

After the delicious dinner, the real fun started. Those nice ladies I saw walking around the booths at Market turned into party animals! Deborah, Connie and the rest of the posse were satisfied with chatting and getting to know one another, and so was I.

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nasty_wench, AKA sharon-lizette said...

LOL... Tina you are one lucky lady!


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