Thursday, December 11, 2008

There's No Place Like Home

I am back from California -- Sacramento to be exact. It was good to see family and friends and visit my old haunts. My favorite restaurants to visit are In and Out Burger, Frank Fat's, and El Novillero. Treats I like to bring back from Sactown are See's Candy, Blue Diamond Almonds and Chili Cheese Fritos. Yes, believe it or not, those Fritos are hard to find in New England!

Visiting during Christmastime, but not necessarily on Christmas is a good idea. The Holiday Season of fun, shopping and cheer has begun, but there aren't as many people in the airports. Hubby and I visited NYC in January of this year, and we were pleasantly surprised. All the beautiful decorations were still up, but the holiday crowds were gone.

I know the picture is not great. I need to work on my photography... in my spare time!

By the way BBCQ block #2 -- row 1, column 3 -- is complete!

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