Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sandi Henderson, the Portabellopixie!

Quilt Market is a trade show, which generally speaking, means mere mortals such as myself are not allowed to attend. I did attend, however, because I signed up to work at the show. My first job was to be hanging quilts. I was reassigned to security duty, if you can believe that. For nearly 8 hours, I sat in a chair and told people that they couldn't use the washroom that was closest to me. GRB management wanted to keep the area clear of non-convention center personnel because of the heavy equipment in the area.

Well, I stuck it out like the trooper I am. Sometime during Friday evening, while vendors were setting up their stalls, a woman came by, headed to the bathroom. I stopped her and told her she had to use the other washroom that was much further away. I then realized it was Sandi Henderson! I said, "Sandi!" She looked at me with surprise, because of course, she didn't know who I was! I said, "I read your blog!" LOL. She asked if that meant she could use the closer washroom. Sadly, I had to tell her no. LOL.

I did tell her a funny story about the Lei print of her Ginger Blossom line. At the Lowell Quilt Festival, I saw that one of the vendors had the Lei print there. I asked her if they happened to have the corduroy version. The woman, visibly irritated, said, "This is a _quilt_ show. No one sells corduroy here!" Well! Sandi and I both laughed at that one.

Sandi asked why I was at Market and not Festival (which is for the general public), I told Sandi I wanted to be home for Halloween. She understood, unlike most people who gave me a strange look when I said that.

I think I was introduced to Sandi's work a year or so ago, via Heather Bailey's website. I believe Sandi initially made children's clothing using Heather's Freshcut line. Sandi branched out and created two lines of her own, Ginger Blossom and Farmer's Market. They are both bright, fun and colorful fabric lines.

Sunday, I found Sandi's booth, part of the bright and beautifully decorated Michael Miller aisle. I had corresponded with Sandi via email before. I said that to her when I re-introduced myself. The first thing she said was, "Did I write you back?" LOL. I know she is crazy busy and she was concerned that perhaps she didn't get to me, but of course she had returned my notes. (She told the others who were there that I didn't let her use the washroom the night before. There is a similar story involving Jane Sassaman!)

I showed Sandi my portfolio. She really liked it and had positive things to say. I'm glad she was the first person I showed my portfolio to, because her encouragement really steeled me for the rest of the contacts I made that day!

Sandi's husband was there, also, and he was very nice as well. I asked Sandi how the kiddies were doing, and she said she missed them terribly. I'm sure they missed her, too, but how lucky are they to have such a mom. And she's a cool mom, too, because she makes the most awesome Halloween costumes!

Sandi is one of my textile heroines. I'm looking forward to what she'll think of next!


nasty_wench, AKA sharon-lizette said...

Hey T...

I must reiterate my earlier thoughts on you: you are like Lucky Woman #1. You meet cool and interesting people, goto interesting places and win cool prizes.

I bet if you tripped and fell, Barack would be there to catch you!


Diane said...

Yet another exciting episode from your adventure at the Houston Quilt Market! Clearly Sandi knows talent when she sees it. ;) She sounds like good people. It helps to have a fun and friendly rapport to get things started right off the bat, and it's fantastic to get such positive feedback on all your hard work!

My, your ever-growing network is weaving a lovely fabric in and of itself, isn't it!


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