Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eggceptional Potholder!

How cute is this little potholder? It's like a mitten for cooking! I found the pattern at one of my favorite haunts, the New England Quilt Museum. The pattern is called Potholder Ladybug by EmmaCreation Arts and Crafts. I didn't use the fabric that came with it, though. The part with the eggs was supposed to be sashiko instead. Though sashiko is one of my favorite pasttimes, I wasn't super fond of the pattern. How could I resist the new twist, anyway, after seeing the egg fabric at Fabric Place?
The bottom right is a little wonky. I doubled the thermal batting and it made the laters a little too thick. I am glad for the extra batting, though. No heat gets through this baby! Next time, I'll trim that. I will do a pattern review at some point. It's fairly easy. I whipped this up in a couple of hours. There is a loop at the very top that came out surprisingly well. I hope I can duplicate that!
Yes, I spend way too much time at Fabric Place. I was there last weekend because hubby wanted to go to a sports store in the same mall. How convenient! I was good, though. I didn't buy anything. My next quilt project will be a Christmas quilt. I am not going to buy anymore fabric unless it's for that project. We'll just see about that!


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