Sunday, March 30, 2008

I've been tagged!


I have not blogged because I've been working on my project, some of which I discuss on my other blog, FlexAIR. Anyway, thank you, Cherri, for tagging me!! Here are 7 things about me:

1. I am originally from California. I grew up in Sacramento and went to UCLA for undergrad. When I think of my childhood in Sacramento, I think of warm weather, taking our boat on on the river, visiting cousins in Santa Cruz, backyard barbeques, road trips to visit family in Wichita, and Christmas Eve with my best friends. I had so much fun in Los Angeles and made the best friends anyone could have.

2. I moved to Boston all by myself 15 years ago. I originally visited Boston on an invitation from a friend. Once I saw the place, I knew I had to be here! I met my husband in Boston. Our courtship (there is no modern word for that, is there?) took place in Boston so it will always be very special. We took our wedding pictures in the Public Garden. Boston is such a great city. It's most enjoyable from May through October. And those of you who've been here November through April know what I'm talking about. Okay, Okay, November, December and April aren't so bad. But it's still too cold wear strappy sandals (see #6).

3. I love, love, love fabric! So much so that I am now starting my textile design business. If I had buckets of money (as Cherri says) I would do it full time. I will be continuing my day job (software development), however!

4. I love sewing and quilting. I don't get to do as much as I want with my day job and my current schoolwork. Once I am finished with school, I will devote more time to it. I talk about my work on my school project on this blog: FlexAIR

5. I love visiting NYC. I've been there twice already this year. Once to attend FASHION WEEK(!!!) and once as an impromptu trip with my hubby. I also went on a Martha trip with Sharona last September. I want to work behind the scenes at Fashion Week next year. If I had buckets of money I'd own an apartment in NYC. On the East Side, with George and Weezie, of course.

6. I love clothes and shoes and fashion. I like wearing chic, flirty, lady-like designs and strappy sandals and wedges. Of course, living in Boston, I don't always dress this way. Especially this winter.

7. I wish I could be on Project Runway. I am not a designer (nor have I had the training) and I can't sew well enough for the challenges, however. What if they developed a show called Project Stylist? Project Textile? These probably aren't strong enough concepts to build a show around.

My 7 Favorite Blogs are... Oh wait, this is way more than 7! I am not going to tag them, however, because they have been tagged multiple times. I've been reading most of them for quite awhile, and I already know a lot about them. Forgive me for not adding the links. I have to get back to work on my project, so I don't have time to put all the links in. I'll update them next time -- maybe. A quick Google search will help you find them!

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jovaliquilts said...

Couldn't find an email, so I'm leaving a post on your blog. Saw your comment about EQ6 and Macs on Cherry House Quilts. I have a Mac and EQ5, which I used after installing Virtual PC. It runs pretty slowly, but it's doable. (I see you are a software developer, so maybe you know all this.) The new Macs can run either, and much better than Virtual PC -- that's my next computer! I emailed EQ to suggest developing a Mac version but never got a response.

Happy quilting!


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